ANVOO started after one of the founders undertook the process of having his criminal record expunged in Connecticut and discovered that it was a complicated and often costly process.  He realized that other non-violent felons would face the same obstacles and decided to start an organization that could assist non-violent felons achieve restoration of their voting rights, pardons, and expungement of their records.

In 2008, the founders began meeting with religious and community organization leaders in the Huntsville area to discuss the idea and its potential to serve as a viable non-profit organization.  After receiving positive feedback and being encouraged about the potential to receive public and private grants, the founders decided to start ANVOO as a non-profit, charitable corporation in the state of Alabama, achieving incorporation on February 23, 2009.  ANVOO formed a board of directors consisting of community activists and those with specific experience working with felons and non-profit charitable organizations.  Members of the board began attending meetings of other non-profit organizations, including the North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, where they asked how the two groups could work together since it was likely many homeless citizens may also be former non-violent felons who could not find employment.

Since incorporation, ANVOO has put together materials to provide to different community organizations, churches, educational groups and business about ANVOO accomplishment.



Co Founder – Adrian Muller