I am writing this to let you know how thankful and appreciative I am for you helping me with getting a job and taking me to try and receive help with rent assistance.


I just want to thank Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization for their support and guidance in helping me get my voting rights restored, also with employment. Their passion for helping people is a true ministry. I [am] so grateful for this organization being here for me and others here in Huntsville, AL.
P.S. I could never say thank you enough.


I am writing this statement on behalf of the Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization. I wanted to help in getting past court records cleared off my background from ten years ago. They took time and effort in helping me achieve this. This is something that was afforded me as a legal right and I did not know how to go about doing this. They contacted the agency, made copies of documents and went through the process with me to get this achieved. They took diligence care and concern. I would recommend this service to anyone.


Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization has helped me initiate the pursuit of a full pardon from the state of New Jersey after making an appointment and being processed into their program. I received an address and helpline number to start my petition for a pardon, and as of today I am still in correspondence with the state of New Jersey. I am grateful for the help and support from Alabama Non-Violent Offenders Organization.
Thank you,
R. D.


ANVOO started after co-founder Adrian Muller undertook the process of having my criminal record expunged in Connecticut. I realized that other non-violent felons are facing the same obstacles and decided to start an organization that could assist non-violent felons achieve restoration of their voting rights, pardons and records expungement. In 2009 I received a pardon from the State of Connecticut. I am waiting for a letter from The Connecticut Pardon & Parole Board, hopefully granting my request for expungement in 2011.
Adrian Muller
Co-Founder of ANVO